Broken Art Restoration

Museum Quality invisible Repair

Images below are art objects restored by Michelle and William Marhoefer.

Broken Frank Lloyd Wright Teco Vase

29 1/2 inch vase designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Unity Temple, Oak Park, Illinois
*note large missing areas at base

Restored Teco Vase

Frank Loyd Wright Teco vase

Broken Newcomb pottery

Restored Newcomb pottery

Newcomb College Pottery Vase, 1920's
New Orleans

broken potpourri urn

restored potpourri urn

19th Century Potpourri Urn and Lid

Broken monk figure

Restored monk figure

LLadro Monk figure

Broken Chinese figure

Restored Chinese figure

Chinese porcelain figure

Broken Art Deco Bronze lamp

Art Deco Bronze lamp

Art Deco Bronze, Ivory and Onyx Lamp

Chinese Ceramic Roof Tile before

Chinese Ceramic Roof Tile after

Chinese Ceramic Roof Tile Figure on Foo Dog

Han Rhino before

Han Rhino After2

Rhinoceros Sculpture
Han Dynasty China, 200 B.C. - 220 A.D.

Chicago Publishing Jug after

Anna Pottery, the “Chicago Publishing Jug”, presenting “business cards” of publishers and editors of magazines and newspapers in Chicago. Made 1879. Collection of Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois

Chicago Publishing Jug after

Chicago Publishing Jug

BA Han Before

BA Han After

Horse and Rider sculpture, Tang Dynasty, China 618 - 907 A.D.

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