Broken Art Restoration

Museum Quality invisible Repair

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Chilotherium is an extinct genus of Rhinoceros living 13.7 to 3.4 million years ago, existing for approximately 10.3 million years. This Dinosaur skull, measuring approximately 28” in length by 16” in height was severely damaged in transit.

Step 1


Examine and secure all unstable areas of upper skull which include eye sockets, nasal cavity, cheek bones and upper teeth.

Step 2 and 3


Align and secure 2 large broken sections of lower jaw.

Step 4


All damaged areas are stabilized with interior pins and appropriate conservation adhesives.

Step 5


Open losses and joins are then filled with color matched conservation materials to create an invisible repair.

Life-size Art Deco sculpture restored for Chicago's historic Green Mill jazz club.

She has been nicknamed “Stella” by the jazz musicians which have played there, as in the song, “Stella by Starlight”.

Step 1

 Stella 1

Severe damage to the surface with missing sections. Piece must be carefully examined to determine part replacement and overall condition treatment of surface.

Step 2

 Stella 2

Detail of part replacement to eye, hair and breast.

Step 3

Stella 3 

Detail of part replacement to hair.

Step 4

 Stella 4

Preparation of surface for color match.

Step 5

 Stella After5

Color match glaze and texture. Result is invisible restoration without compromising original finish and age.

36” 19th Century Italian Terra Cotta Sculpture

5 detailed stages of invisible restoration.

Step 1

 Italian boy 1

Severe damage to sculpture. Piece must be carefully examined to determine losses and structural damage.

Step 2

Italian boy 2 

Reassemble existing parts and stabilize.

Step 3

Italian boy 3 

Replace all missing sections including large cracks and chip losses.

Step 4

Italian boy 4 

Prepare surface of all treated areas for color match.

Step 5

Italian boy5 after

Color match glaze and texture. Result is invisible restoration.


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